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11 Best Delicious Snacks Under 100 Calories

There’s a set of skinnier low-calorie snacks filling up your grocery aisle. The lowest comes in at 10 calories – well below those 100-calorie snack packs. We give you the lowdown about which to buy, and which are better off staying on the shelf.

Jell-O Sugar-Free Peach/Watermelon: 10 calories

We couldn’t withstand the appeal of a 10-calorie snack. That’s sixty calories fewer than the already diet-friendly regular Jell-O snacks. However, it’s ten calories too many. A glass of water would have been more filling!

Though the sugar-free version comes in nearly a dozen, we couldn’t taste the peach or watermelon flavor in the snacks we tried. This sugar-free variety is also “tougher” and more jelly-bean-like than the regular version.

Leave this one on the shelf, please!

Quaker’s Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Bar: 90 calories

Quaker’s bars are not as sweet as you’d expect, and after about three bites and fifteen minutes, your stomach will be growling as loud as ever.

In fact, if you’re looking to replace a higher-calorie breakfast bar or pastry, you’re better off eating a small apple with about a half tablespoon of honey, which would contain about the same amount of calories.

Campbell’s Soup at Hand Chicken & Stars: 70 calories

If light is what you’re going for, then Campbell’s snack is it. But then it again, there can be such a thing as too light. While it tastes good (albeit soggy), it’s not very filling, and what little chicken there is hard to find.

It is not at all an ideal soup replacement but can make for a satisfying, guilt-free mid-day snack. Plus, its “at-hand” convenience means there’s no excuse not to have a healthy snack.

Kellogg’s Chocolately Drizzle Special K Bar: 90 calories

Most of us hate having to cut dessert from a meal, but when you’re trying to cut calories, often it’s the sweet stuff that has to go.

While the Special K Bar is no replacement for a chocolate brownie or cake, it will add that sugary touch to the end of your meal, without breaking your calorie budget.

Plus, at 1.5 fat grams and 1 gram of saturated fat, you don’t need to worry about swapping calories for unwanted fat. You can find these bars in strawberry, honey nut, blueberry, vanilla crisp, and peaches and berries.

Horizon Organic Mozzarella String Cheese: 80 calories

With this low-cal snack, cheese doesn’t have to be off-limits — even on a diet. Perfect for mid-meal snacking, or a nice addition to an overly healthy-tasting meal, this calcium-rich string cheese from Horizon Organic is practically guilt-free.

But be warned: You may not feel completely satisfied after just one snack, but if you eat two servings, your fat grams just jumped from 5 to 10.

Sugar-Free York Dark Chocolate Candy Covered Peppermint Patties: 80 calories

If you go for quantity, this sugar-free treat from Hershey’s is for you. You can have three mini-patties of almost-as-good-as-sugar sweetness for just 3.5 fat grams, and 2 grams saturated fat.

Don’t let the “sugar-free” label turn you off; this bests most low-calorie, sugar-free snacks out there. But mind the nutrition label: “Individuals sensitive to sugar substitutes may experience a laxative effect.”

Yoplait Vanilla/Peach Fiber One creamy nonfat yogurt: 80 calories

This treat tastes just as good as your favorite low-fat yogurts but is packed with 20 percent fiber, making it an excellent source and a filling snack. Sweet and silky, you won’t even notice the added fiber benefits.

It makes for a nice mid-morning snack, or add a banana, and you’ve got breakfast.

Rich and thick, this baby definitely stands above most runny and so-called “diet-friendly” yogurts. You can also find Fiber One Yogurt in strawberry and key lime pie flavors.

Jell-O Sugar-Free Banana Fudge Supreme: 60 calories

This pudding can satisfy your sweet tooth and calm your rumbling tummy with minimal calories. There are some drawbacks, however.

This Jell-O has a slightly artificially sweet taste and doesn’t have the health benefits the fiber-rich yogurt offers. But it is a good source of calcium. You can definitely taste the chocolate flavoring, but as far as the banana taste, we’re not so sure there is one.

This snack is not a totally satisfying dessert replacement but does make a good addition to lunch or a decent between-meals treat. You can also find chocolate, vanilla, chocolate vanilla swirl, and double chocolate sugar-free Jell-O.

Breakstone’s LiveActive 2 Lowfat Cottage Cheese: 90 calories

Don’t let the packaging scare you off. For a slightly salty and cheesy low-calorie and low-fat snack, LiveActive cottage cheese is the best option.

On the first bite, it tastes slightly more like plain yogurt than cottage cheese, but its flavor grows on you.

Probably because despite its small portion, it is an excellent source of protein and a good source of fiber, both of which make it very filling.

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Sticks: 60 calories

This is a very satisfying dark chocolaty treat and is almost unbelievable that each stick has just 60 calories, until you find yourself reaching for that second or third stick, and you realize you might have been better off with just one higher calorie snack.

Also, watch out if you are going to eat more than one of these Hershey’s sticks. This is because each one contains 3.5 fat grams. So with just a few extra bites, the fat content can add up pretty quickly.

This super low-calorie dessert also comes in milk chocolate, caramel-filled milk chocolate, mint milk chocolate, and extra dark chocolate.

Cheerio’s On-the-Go Pack: 80 calories

Sure Cheerios may have intended this for toddlers, but it’s also great for the diet-conscious crowd.

Why? Because when it comes to feeling full in less than 100 calories, this snack does the trick.

It has a small serving opening, which will take you longer to eat from, and you have to option of eating it one Cheerio at a time. So you can potentially snack on it all afternoon, rather than in one sitting.

It’s pretty hard to pack many nutrients into such a low-cal package. But even in small amounts, this cereal is an excellent source of a variety of nutrients and low in fat (1.5 grams) and sodium.

That said, you can just as easily buy the box of cheerios and measure out the cup serving size yourself and cut the cost (and amount of packaging).

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