Sun Cups on York Times!

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Thanks to Kay Chun and the team at for a great post about sunflower butter and Sun Cups. And, if that wasn’t just super by itself, Patrick Farrell linked to the Bon Appetit mention in today’s “What We’re Reading” post on the New York Times dining blog. Woot! (The New York Times mention did poke at Bon Appetit’s assumption that nut-allergic folks would want to eat a peanut butter cup, but we’re not selling peanut butter cups, just really tasty, nut-free chocolate.)

And I probably shouldn’t do a spoiler, but I can’t resist. There’s a holiday coupon code for 25% off Sun Cups purchased on-line at the Bon Appetit page!

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  1. Joanna

    Today is a Great Day!!! My kids & I are super excited that we found ya’ll!!! My niece is highly allergic to Nuts, Eggs, Shell Fish, etc. She can’t have a lot of treats my kids get to eat, so we bought a few Sun Cups to ship to her, so she can try them out!!! She lives in a small rural town in Louisiana, & they don’t have stores that carry organic/ Non-GMO groceries. Thanks a bunch for your Nut Free chocolates!!! We tested them out for my niece, they are all DELICIOUS!!!


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