Sampler Program: a Present for your Mouth

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We have a confession – sometimes we go to the grocery store at lunchtime just to feast on the free samples. What can we say, we like to try things before we buy them.

That’s why we’re continuing our incredibly popular Sun Cups Sampler Pack program, to let you try out every delicious Sun Cups flavor. Not sure whether to commit to a box of caramel over mint? Torn between milk chocolate and dark chocolate? We know the feeling. It’s like trying to choose favorites between your children. It’s almost impossible.

The Sampler Pack helps alleviate this convection conundrum. For just $2.99, you’ll receive a single cup of every delectable flavor – caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and mint. It’s a proverbial present for your taste buds.

When it comes to deciding which Sun Cups is right for you, consult your mouth. Side effects may include deliciousness, finger licking, an insatiable desire to have more Sun Cups and tears of joy. To get started, just click here!


5 Responses to “Sampler Program: a Present for your Mouth”

  1. Gratefulfoodie

    GREAT idea! I simply can’t stand having to spend lots of $$$$ to sample something that doesn’t rock my food allergy world.


  2. Gratefulfoodie

    Just sampled our sampler! GOOD job. Tasty and a nice way to check out the goodies without breaking the bank!

  3. Pat Abele

    Did you cancel sampler box as I needed to order one for my grandsons and daughter in law to see which one they want me to order

    • David

      Because of the warm summer we offer our Sampler from September 15 – May 1 only.


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