Help Sun Cups Grow: 18 Days Left of Our Indiegogo Campaign!

Everyone should be able to choose a health-conscious, gluten free and allergen free candy from their local store.  Many companies have tried, but there are still very few options beyond the Twix and Reese’s of the world.  Sun Cups wants to change that. To succeed as a small business against these big competitors we need… Read more »

Sun Cup Swirl Brownies

Long-time Sun Cupper and peanut-free all-star, Rebecca of Pure & Peanut Free crafted a recipe for delicious peanut and nut-free Sun Cups Swirl Brownies that we are so excited to share with all of you! Dense in rich chocolate, a creamy Sunbutter swirl, and bits of chewy Sun Cups folded in – this is a decadent treat that… Read more »

Crunchy Sun Cupped Chocolate Bark

Chewing, crunching, snacking and munching – it’s the reason for the season. From baking with fall’s finest crops to hoarding #FEARFREE Halloween candy in our pantry, we can’t help ourselves! First we tweaked the caramel apple, now we’ve returned to the snack lab to see if we could take the greatest chocolate candy cups on… Read more »

Tips for a #FEARFREE Halloween!

Our favorite holiday is upon us. Pumpkins on every doorstep, pumpkin spice lattes on every corner … and for one night it’s acceptable to dress up in costumes and ask complete strangers for candy. This is where parents of kids with food allergies start to panic, as you well know. But we are here to… Read more »

A Better Caramel Apple

Welcome to the most delicious and ridiculously fun time of the year. Autumn of course! What’s not to love, new adventures at school, football games, scary costumes, trick or treating (read: eating more Sun Cups!) and crispy apples galore. Ok wait, wait … we have a confession to make. While we love fall and all,… Read more »

Tips for a Stress-Free & Allergy-Safe Vacation

  Vacations should be a fun, relaxing stress-free escape from the normal day-to-day. Though for parents managing their children’s food allergies, vacations may not seem as carefree. We totally understand and have compliled a list of tips for traveling with food allergies. The gist of the list? The better you plan for your trip, the… Read more »

Unsung Superfood: Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Did you know that sunflower seeds and peanuts have a similar makeup when it comes to oil, protein, and carbohydrate content but peanuts lack the micronutrient content of sunflower seeds? Sunflower seeds are actually so high in nutrients that they’re considered a superfood, which is kind of awesome. So we were wondering, does that make Sun… Read more »

I Dare You to Try to Pick a Favorite

People ask us all the time, “Which is your favorite Sun Cups flavor?”  And then for about 5 minutes we just stare at them in deep thought and internal deliberation weighing the options. Then, embarrasingly, we finally respond “Impossible! I love them all.” Seriously, between dark and milk chocolate?! Sunflower butter, caramel, or mint?! It’s… Read more »

Box It Up

People love Sun Cups… they’re delicious, nut-free and gluten-free – long story short, pretty healthy! So, what happens when you want to pair one healthy snack with another? Where to go, what to do … just order it! Wait, let us explain. First, did you know that there are teams of people out there finding,… Read more »

Sun Cups Receives Non-GMO Verification

Big news! We’re so thrilled to let you all know that our Milk Chocolate Sun Cups, Dark Chocolate Sun Cups, Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups, and Dark Chocolate Mint Cups have all received the Non-GMO Project Verification. Seriously, this is huge news for us and something we’re very proud to provide to all you Sun Cups… Read more »